Curious Dancers

IGNITE Curiosity!

Dancers ages 5 to 9 are new to rhythm and movement. We want to encourage this age group to be curious and adventurous when learning dance. We want to facilitate a place where they can be creative and learn dance in a supportive and fun atmosphere. At this level, dance classes should be fun, exciting and a learning experience.

Ballet, Jazz and Tap are the core disciplines of dance and we encourage young students to begin with these styles for a well rounded dance education. Another great discipline we offer at this age is Hip Hop.


Ballet is the foundation of technical dance training. It involves slow controlled movements and allows the dancer to develop strength and grace.

We use an R.A.D. syllabus to guide our dancers through learning ballet vocabulary. They use this knowledge to work towards R.A.D. examinations which they can enter upon Teacher Approval.


Jazz is an upbeat dance genre that calls for sharp and energetic movements. Jazz classes will also have a focus on developing strong dance technique and is a great compliment to ballet training.


Tap is an upbeat dance genre that focuses on rhythm and musicality. It involves rythmical footwork making a variety of sounds with your feet.

Hip Hop

Hip Hop is an exciting and energetic dance style. This dance genre helps develop isolations and style. This class will involve old school hip hop, video style choreography, and touch on other techniques such as popping and locking, house, and break dancing.

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“We tried out a few dance studios when we first started dance for our daughter! We felt that Ignite had a more youthful, fun, energetic teachers than some of the other places we tried… also, your class timing worked much better with our schedules. Now, we stay for all of those reasons, plus we love the year end show! My daughter is so confident in dance, and has no hesitation about jumping up on stage, she loves the performances, and also that she gets to wear cute costumes, and make up! Also, now that she is a bit older, and there is a class that I can attend (which I LOVE ), we love hanging out at the dance studio all night wednesdays, and watching the older girls practice! She is their biggest fan!”